No, but you did contrast that your expectations of immigrating against the poem as the lead to your post.

In my opinion we should allow more legal immigration than we do each year, streamline the naturalization process, and then put restrictions in place to make illegal immigration less desirable. An easy one would be than any employer who knowingly hires an illegal immigrant is fined heavily per day that they were employed.

In the case of refugees they should be certainly considered. The catch is that if you have the larger, but still fixed, number of legal immigrants allowed each year, moving the refugees up, bumps others down.

To me the Syrian refugee problem is a bit of a red herring. They are in a different hemisphere, and unlikely to suddenly arrive on our borders as opposed to heading to Europe. I would much rather focus those slots on people from Central and South America who want to immigrate to the US, or may be refugees from wars in their area.